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El Lagar de Moha

The Lagar de Moha has been published in june’s Mivino magazine.
This publication tell more about us, about our organic verdejo and specially about our way of working. A way that is always seeking to elaborate the best wines and differentiate ourselves when carrying out our actions.
We leave the entire translation of the article in case you want to read it.

Alberto Moro has his roots in the tradition of that land of wine that is Rueda, Valladolid. Therefore when he decided with his wife Angeles to create the family winery he turned to his memory and tradition.

And so the winery started step by step combining the respect for the land and the deepest ecological vision with the newest current techniques.

As grape varieties they have planted the historic queen of Rueda, Verdejo, the aromatic Sauvignon Blanc. And with a mood of innovation they added Godello, which is a variety not allowed in the D.O.

Throughout the perimeter of the vineyard they have planted native trees and shrubs: pine, lavender, juniper and other aromatic plants to grow as a home for birds  and insects. All of these actions contribute to maintain the biodiversity in balance, something that is crucial for all the species that live in the vineyard.

Therefore, the vines have developed like this, alive, taking care of everything until the last detail to produce organic wines. And the winery can not  be less. In the center of Rueda, is a old winery from the 17th century, restored using traditional and local materials to create wealth in the local environment. The walls have been painted with lime to let the building be maintained as clean as possible and to keep the winery with an estable temperature. The walls are built with bricks of a craftsman that cooks them in a wood-fired oven.

It is indeed a small winery that contrasts with the giants that have been growing in the zone. It is a milestone, a revolution in the environment for the care of details, for the will to direct their efforts to the quality and not to the quantity as the production is limited up to 50.000 bottles per year.

The recognisitions have not taken long to arrive and their Verdejo has obtained a gold medal in the prestigious Brussels World Contest 2018.



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