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El Lagar de Moha

Orígenes de la bodega

From the very beginning Alberto and me knew very well how we wanted our winery to be. We were not looking for a very big winery with hughe productions, rather than that, we were seeking for a small winery with limited productions where the care for detail and excellence were the true engines of our activity.

Due to this reason, we started to renovate a family house – winery of the 17th century in the center of Rueda. This house has 350 square meters of underground cellars from the SXV.

So we started to imagine a reform in which all the traditional character of the area was maintained and we could use these underground cellars in the same way that it was done in the past along with new wine enotourism activities

In order to maintain the traditional character we look for artisans from the area who made the materials following the same quality standards of the past and who used noble and ecological materials.

We also wanted these artisans to be local producers (as close as possible to our area), seeking to generate wealth in the closest local environment.

After much searching, we find these artisans and in later posts we will tell you about each of them.

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