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Choosing the type of painting in our cellar has been very easy. From the beginning, we knew we wanted an ecological painting.

What advantages does an ecological painting have compared to a conventional one?

The base of this type of paintings is mineral, based on lime and silica.

As you know, lime and silica have a disinfectant effect.

This disinfection is essential, for avoiding the development of microorganisms that can generate qualitative defects in the wine.

In addition, these types of paintings do not have volatile organic compound emissions. In other words, no harmful compounds are developed for the environment.

So we opted for the brand: Innotop in White color.

We choose the color white because it is a cleaner color.

We leave you some photos and video so you can see how we have painted the winery:

Nos hemos decantado por la pintura de la marca Innotop en color blanco. La base de las pinturas ecológicas es mineral, a base de cal y sílice.

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