Calle Cabo Villar 8, 47490, Rueda, Valladolid, España
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The cellar

Located at the center of Rueda
village, nearby the church

The winery is located in the heart of Rueda village.


It is an old winery house from the 17th century that has underground cellars in its lower part that were already used for winemaking in the 15th century.


To reform the winery, work has been carried out in close contact with local artisans of the area. With a double objective, on the one hand, to maintain the most traditional and authentic character of the winery, using  the same noble and organic materials as in origin. On the other hand, to generate wealth in the most immediate local environment in jobs that today do not have the demand they should.


At the same time they wanted to give this traditional winery a certain avant-garde. Therefore you can find in it, different types of deposits such as concrete, stainless steel, biodynamic clay eggs, French and American oak barrels. With their help, along with the most modern techniques, in their elaborations they seek to produce classic wines and also the most disruptive and differentiating ones.


In the vineyard, they have opted for different trellising systems, looking for the one that best suits the soil and can, therefore, generate better quality grapes.  The classic trellis can be founded and also the most innovative vertical axis. In the latter, although the production per hectare obtained is very low, the quality of the grapes obtained is excellent, with a very high ratio of sugars & acids.

Bodega subterránea

Antiguos subterráneos del siglo XV

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