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Viñedo ecológico de godello
Our vineyard as you know, is an ecological vineyard. Due to this reason, among others, what we are doing is maintaining the vegetal cover.
For those who don´t know it, the vegetal cover is, all the plants, herbs that grow on the vineyard soil, especially between the rows. And in spring it is covered with flowers.
Our cover is spontaneous, this means that it has been born naturally and has never been sown.
Viñedo ecológico de godello


Viñedo ecológico de godello



Biodiversidad viñedo ecológico


Maintaining the cover is much more laborious than styling and removing it. However, having it produces a series of benefits in the organic vineyard that can´t be forgotten.
Some of the benefits are, for example, that it makes the soil more “spongy” with all the roots that grow from the different plants producing natural aireation in the soil and in the roots of the plant.
It also favors the development of earthworms, insects and different type of microorganisms that manage to release nutrients that are in the soil and that otherwise would not be available for the plant to assimilate them.
Once the cover is implanted, the soil absorbs practically all the rain water and then it is not lost .
The vegetal cover also prevents the soil from being eroded, especially in those areas where there is a slope, since the plants fix the soil and help it from not being dragged by the water or the wind.
We leave you a series of photos so that you can see how the vineyard is. Also you can see how Carlos and his colleagues have used the hoe to remove the growing herbs next to the trunk.
With this way of taking care of the vineyard we obtain more authentic wines and of a higher quality.
Carlos and his colleagues are from Rueda and they have dedicated their whole life to work in the vineyard.
Trabajos de azada en viñedo ecológico

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