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 As its name indicates, it refers to a wine in which human intervention has been minimal. Therefore, in the elaboration phase the manual manipulations in the winery, such as racking, filtrations, etc. carried out by the winemaker and people in the winery have been the minimum possible.Fermentation has been carried out spontaneously with the yeasts that are present in the skin of the grapes, avoiding the use of selected yeasts. The grapes used for winemaking

Sulfites are a substance derived from sulfur that is produced naturally during the metabolism of yeasts in fermentation. The origin can therefore be natural or added later.Why are sulfites sometimes added to wines?Because they have an antioxidant function, that is, they help the wine not to oxidize and last longer. Because they also have an antimicrobial function, that is, they inhibit the development of microorganisms.According to the legislation, sulphites can be added to all wines:

Our vineyard as you know, is an ecological vineyard. Due to this reason, among others, what we are doing is maintaining the vegetal cover.For those who don´t know it, the vegetal cover is, all the plants, herbs that grow on the vineyard soil, especially between the rows. And in spring it is covered with flowers.Our cover is spontaneous, this means that it has been born naturally and has never been sown.    Maintaining the cover is

We wanted the bricks to be as similar as possible to the ones that already existed. Due to this reason, after a lot of searching, we find our ideal craftsmanHe owns a clay land property. During the winter months, he goes to his property and takes the clay from his land.Once he has taken it, this clay is kneaded by a horse that removes it.Then later in the spring and summer months, he puts the

From the very beginning Alberto and me knew very well how we wanted our winery to be. We were not looking for a very big winery with hughe productions, rather than that, we were seeking for a small winery with limited productions where the care for detail and excellence were the true engines of our activity.Due to this reason, we started to renovate a family house - winery of the 17th century in the center of

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