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We wanted the bricks to be as similar as possible to the ones that already existed. Due to this reason, after a lot of searching, we find our ideal craftsman

He owns a clay land property. During the winter months, he goes to his property and takes the clay from his land.

Once he has taken it, this clay is kneaded by a horse that removes it.

Then later in the spring and summer months, he puts the clay in the molds (which have been previously selected) and let them air dry.

That´s why he can only develop his activity in spring and summer months

After it has been dried by the sun, it is baked in this oven that it is lit with a simple match

As a summary he does not use electricityhe uses only ecological materials and the quality result can not be better

We leave you some photos so you can get to know better our artisan and you can see all the elaboration process:

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