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As a general idea, organic wines have a higher average price than conventional wines. We say in general lines because this premise is not fulfilled in 100% of the cases.
Fundamentally, the difference in price is determined by agriculture.
On one hand, because the productions that the plant gives in eco are lower and, on the other hand, because the treatments that have to be done in the vineyard are manual.
In conventional agriculture, the plant is usually forced (although not in all cases) to give more production through the use fertilizers, mainly. However, in organic and biodynamic agriculture, production is smaller and more balanced.

In addition to this, in organic farming, the use of labor is also much more necessary and frequent.

What jobs are done manually?

– The removal of the herbs (that could fight against for nutrients against the vines) is done manually with the hoe or mechanically with the interceps.  In conventional it is as simple as applying a herbicide.
– Vegetation control becomes much more necessary and frequent to avoid pests. This control is also manual.

– The natural treatments that are used have to be applied much more frequently (as they are preventive), and many of them are applied by hand.

All this combination of costs is usually transferred to a higher sale price. Which on the other hand, from my point of view, is more than justified by all the additional work involved. Do you agree?

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