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El Lagar de Moha

El Lagar de Moha is up to today, the first and only biodynamic winery at the DO Rueda.

This is a very clear and forceful statement and as a result of it I have been asked quite frequently, why have we become biodynamic? Normally this question is followed by another one, that is, what is really a biodynamic agriculture? I have therefore considered it important to write this blog to clarify these points.

Why have we become biodynamic?

There are several reasons, but if I had to summarize it in just one, it would be to respond in a more committed and real way to a value that the winery has, which is the organic awareness. 

What is really a biodynamic agriculture?

Biodynamic agriculture is a more organic, radical, connected and global agriculture.
What does this mean? People, as an integrated part of the farm, vineyard, are related to animals, plants and other living beings. All of them are related to lunar cycles & cosmos. In other words, we feel as one and we are all interconnected and on earth.
The treatments that are carried out in the vineyard are applied according to the lunar phases and to the biodynamic calendar.

Does it sound like utopia to you? Think of  how your character can change depending on the phase of the moon, we all know someone who is a bit lunatic, or how you might feel on a long rainy day or how you can make your hair grow longer if you cut it between the new moon and the full moon… not taking these factors into account is living disconnected from a reality that is there.

Due to this reason, without entering into strange mysticisms, we take care of the vineyard considering these variables. Doing it this way has allowed us to have a developed and balanced ecosystem, have strong and more resistant plants and fertile and healthy soil. This is exactly what we are seeking to obtain high-quality, balanced grapes that allow us to make wines with minimal intervention in the winery, more healthy & artisanal ones.

If we all worked in this way, we would be obtaining top quality raw materials, free of pesticides, healthier and in tune with nature. Does this make sense?

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