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Sulfites are a substance derived from sulfur that is produced naturally during the metabolism of yeasts in fermentation. The origin can therefore be natural or added later.

Why are sulfites sometimes added to wines?

Because they have an antioxidant function, that is, they help the wine not to oxidize and last longer.
Because they also have an antimicrobial function, that is, they inhibit the development of microorganisms.

According to the legislation, sulphites can be added to all wines: conventional, ecological or biodynamic. However, the maximum limit allowed for each of them is different.
Sulphites in wine

Sulfites in wine

Are sulfites dangerous for health?

No, in general they are not dangerous to health, as we have already mentioned they are authorized by law. However, there may be people who are allergic to it, due to this reason all wineries are obliged to include a text on the back label of the bottle specifying whether or not the wine contains sulphites.

What is the maximum amount of sulfite-free wine?


Can the amount of sulfites in wine be reduced?Yes, there are different methods to do it.
First of all, it is very important to take care of the cleanliness in the cellar. A clean cellar prevents the development of bad microorganisms that can alter the quality of the wine.
Natural tannins extracted from grape skins and seeds can also be used because they have an antioxidant function.
It is also convenient to reduce the racking of wine as much as possible to prevent it from oxidizing.
At El Lagar de Moha we work with these methods that not only affect the amount of sulphites in the wine but also their final quality.
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