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As its name indicates, it refers to a wine in which human intervention has been minimal. Therefore, in the elaboration phase the manual manipulations in the winery, such as racking, filtrations, etc. carried out by the winemaker and people in the winery have been the minimum possible.

Fermentation has been carried out spontaneously with the yeasts that are present in the skin of the grapes, avoiding the use of selected yeasts.


The grapes used for winemaking come from organic or biodynamic vineyards where no chemical synthesis products have been used such as fertilizers, pesticides, among others. On the opposite, the vineyard has always been treated naturally and with respect for the environment.


You may ask, what is the objective of this type of minimal intervention wines? The main one is to make a wine with a markedly authentic character where the wine clearly expresses the typicity of the grape and its origin or terroir.


Have you ever tried this type of wine? Antígona, our only red wine, at the moment, is minimal intervention, due to this fact, it is authentic, round and very fruity.

Try it and tell me if you agree!

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